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Our hard work and consistent approach to repairing damaged appliances is important to our customers, allowing us to work with them whenever they need us next. We understand that friendliness and good work is all apart of the job, so we’re happy to serve with a smile.

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What Makes Coast Appliance Repair the Best Choice for In-House Repair Services?

We feel that Coast Appliance Repair and maintenance services are the best choice for Gulf Coast residents.There may be big names in the appliance repair industry, but not all of them are trusted by their customers. Always on the look-out for the next best way to squeeze a couple of extra pennies and dimes out of their customers, these companies take any project they can get their hands on, regardless if they’re confident in the job they can do. At Coast Appliance Repair, we do our best to listen to all your needs and come up with a fair solution that works for both parties. If we can’t do the job right or well, we will let you know, instead of risking more damages and costs on your end.  

As an appliance repair company, we understand that customer service isn’t a quality many people would expect from us. This quality is essential to our business, however, and we wear it with pride. We strive to always serve with a smile, work hard, achieve great results, and do the job quickly. This helps make us the top choice for many residents along the gulf coast, and the top name in appliance repair services.  


Professional Help

Home or business appliances aren’t always easy to fix. Some require proper, in-depth knowledge to avoid injury and further damage during repair. Don’t take on that risk yourself; at Coast Appliance Repair, we have a team of well-trained professionals with the necessary knowledge and experience to repair all our serviced appliances safely. We take care of the problem so you don’t have to. If you have any questions or concerns about the repair process, you can speak directly with one of our trained professionals who will be happy to answer all your questions.  

Quick Assistance

We understand that everyone’s schedule is hectic in today’s world, whether you’re busy with work, with your kids, or with your social life. We do our best to consider this in our working day, giving you the highest quality assistance in the least amount of time possible. We don’t believe in keeping our customers waiting to have their refrigerator repaired or their washing machine fixed. We even take your time into consideration on our phone line, making it as simple as possible to call and ask questions or get a quote. From the minute you talk to us, we’ll be in and out of your hair in no time at all, making it possible for you to get on with your life and keep creating cherished memories.  

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Easy to Connect

As the leading appliance repair company along the Gulf Coast, we are always thinking about our customers and your convenience. We believe in keeping the wait times, automated calls, and forwarding emails to a minimum, which is why you can easily get in touch with us through phone, email, or even some of the top social media platforms. We are dedicated to delivering quality service and support, and your ability to get ahold of us plays an integral part in that.  

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Customer Satisfaction

Happy, satisfied customers are our number one goal. We will happily answer any questions or concerns you have and discuss your needs before we even come out to look at the problem. Most of all, we are always ready to provide our customers with the best possible assistance, even when it comes post repair. 

Best Price

At Coast Appliance Repair, we are always transparent when it comes to your service bill. Other repair companies may try to nickel and dime you with fees, but we find value in being up-front and honest about pricing, costs, and labor. Our customers are our neighbors, and we consider them to be our family also, striving to provide the most reasonable prices in the region. Don’t believe us? Call today and get a quote from one of our friendly representatives. We’ll do our best to match – or beat – your expectations. 

Years of Experience

When you’re looking to hire an expert, the experience they have is irreplaceable. We take pride in the fact that Coast Appliance Repair has been considered lead technicians in the commercial and in-home appliance repair industry for 20 years and counting. Throughout the years, we’ve been consistent in serving our customers with the best repair services available.  


We take pride in our policy of transparency, doing the most to take care of our customer’s needs and concerns. Whether we’re repairing appliances at your home or in your business, we strive to manage our work in a personalized, transparent manner. In fact, owner and Biloxi native Steven Belvel has been awarded two V.I.C.A awards for excellent work in the appliance repair industry.  

If you have a question or a concern about your appliance repair quote, the repair work performed, or your repair bill, we will be there to explain everything – no more watching out for hidden fees and surprise charges like the other guys.   

Give Us A Call Today

As the leading name in Gulf Coast appliance repair services, we have been providing professional, quality repair services for our loyal customers for years. Our past work and satisfied clientele reflects our dedication, consistency, and reliability in the appliance repair field. We are proud of our prior experience, and we strive to make our future work even better.  

Coast Appliance Repair thanks you for being apart of the community, being our neighbors, and considering us for the job. We do our best to keep our customers happy and our work in its prime. 

Learn more about us at the Coast Appliance Repair – Blog or give us a call today and see why so many of our customers believe we’re the right choice and trusted solution for all your commercial and in-home appliance repair needs.