With a population of more than 70,000, Gulfport, MS is the second largest city in Mississippi. Located right on the Gulf coast just west of Biloxi, Gulfport has the warm and humid climate characteristic of the region.  Visitors and residents all love the beautiful beaches and calm waters. Unfortunately for residents, though, the heat and humidity can damage household appliances. Along with aging, intense weather is one of the main causes of malfunctioning appliances in Gulfport homes and businesses. When residents in Gulfport need repairs, they can rely on Coast Appliance Repair. 


Common Appliance Problems in Gulfport 

Our Gulfport customers call us for many different types of appliance repair, but we do see some more than others. Warm refrigerators and cold ovens are common complaints, along with dishwashers and washing machines that flood or dry up. No matter what the circumstance, we do our best to help our Gulfport customers keep using the appliances that have worked well for them for years. Moreover, we don’t just fix problems; we also help our customers figure out what they can do to prevent problems in the future. 


Problems with Refrigerators and Freezers 

Refrigerators and freezers are especially susceptible to damage from the high heat and humidity in Gulfport. Combatting high temperatures makes an appliance run hot and wear out sooner than it should. Failure to clean the condenser coils and unnecessary use of the power saving mode in humid weather can also damage refrigerators and freezers to the point that they need repair.  We are often called in for refrigerator repair when an extra refrigerator has spent the summer in a hot garage. 


Problems with Ovens and Stoves 

The most common complaints with ovens and stoves in Gulfport are that they stop heating up or they fail to heat evenly. Often the cause is a faulty heating element or a temperature sensor that needs to be replaced or recalibrated. In the case of a gas oven that doesn’t heat up, the problem might be with the igniter, or it might be within the gas line. It’s especially important to get a gas oven checked out to make sure there is not an undetected gas leak. If you ever smell gas, make sure to turn off the gas supply behind the range immediately and call a professional. 


Problems with Dishwashers and Washing Machines

When dishwashers aren’t working in Gulfport, customers most often need a repair of the spray arm, the drain hose, the filter, or the water inlet valve. Even small items can clog a dishwasher and keep it from draining properly. Washing machines are also susceptible to clogs in the drain hose that prevent them from draining, as well as faulty inlet valves. Other common washing machine problems include a malfunctioning lid switch, an overheated motor, and a worn-out belt. By calling a professional for a dishwasher or washing machine repair, you can increase the life of your appliance in addition to saving water and energy.  


Problems with Dryers

When dryers are not getting the clothes completely dry, the problem is often a clogged air vent. A clog can also cause a dryer to overheat, and it can even catch fire. Cleaning out a clogged air vent is one of the most common dryer repairs we make in Gulfport. Other common issues with dryers include a blown fuse, a faulty thermostat, and a broken belt, which keeps the dryer from spinning.  


Benefits of Repairing Appliances for Gulfport Residents 

When a major appliance stops working or stops working well, you have several choices. For one thing, you can keep limping along by doing things like running the dryer twice to get the clothes dry or learning to cook on just two burners. The problem of working around a problem, though, is the high cost of wasted energy and labor. Moreover, malfunctioning appliances can also be safety hazards. Another option, of course, is to throw away the old appliance and buy a new one. In all honesty, there eventually comes a time when an old appliance just can’t be brought back to life. But throwing things away while they’re still useful fills up our landfills and requires a big expense for a brand-new item.  Thus, when you make the third choice to get an appliance repaired in Gulfport, you’re making your home safer, you’re saving money and you’re doing something good for the planet as well. 


Making Your Home or Place of Business Safer

When problems are left alone, they can turn into major safety hazards. For example, a clogged air vent can overheat and catch fire. Refrigerators that aren’t keeping the food quite cold enough can let bacteria grow.  A clog or ruptured gas line to a gas-powered stove could cause a deadly gas leak. By having professionals come out to assess the problem and repair it, you are making your home or business a safer place for people. 


Saving You Money 

There is a saying among car mechanics that “the cheapest car you can own is the one you already have.” This is just as true of an appliance as a car. Spending a little money here and there on repairs can extend the life of an appliance long enough to really save the owner a lot of money. After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, many Gulfport residents had to start their lives over from scratch. They invested in new appliances to replace what they lost, and now they need to get as many years of service as they can from those machines. 


Coastal Appliance Repair is Proud to Serve Gulfport Residents 

At Coast Appliance Repair, we work with large and small appliances from a wide variety of makers in order to serve the needs of our Gulfport customers. We service and repair appliances by GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Bosch, and many more.   

To find out how we can help you, just give us a call and let one of our experts diagnose your problem and give you a no-obligation quote. 

Not in Gulfport, MS? We have service locations all across the Mississippi Gulf Coast.