Appliance Repair in Mobile, Alabama

The port city of Mobile, Alabama, is a laid-back Southern city known as the original home of Mardi Gras. With a population of just under 200,000, the city offers a high quality of life that is easy to afford, with a mix of older and newer homes. Like people everywhere, residents of Mobile depend on their home appliances to keep their lives running smoothly.

Appliance Repair Vs. Replacement

When a major appliance like a refrigerator or washing machine fails to do its job, it’s a big problem that needs a quick solution. Some people assume the only way to deal with a broken appliance is to replace it, but this is costly and sometimes wasteful. Appliances can often be easily fixed with a minor adjustment or a new part. A repair can be a cost-effective solution, especially when the appliance still has plenty of good years left.  It’s important, however, to get repairs done by experienced technicians who know the ins and outs of all the major brands of appliances in the Mobile area.

Common Appliance Repairs

Coast Appliance Repair serves the needs of Mobile residents by repairing major kitchen and laundry appliances. These include refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, washers and dryers. Coast Appliance Repair also services all the major brands: GE, Maytag, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Samsung, Bosch and many more. We are often able to help our customers save money and postpone replacing their appliances by simply replacing faulty parts. Following are some of the issues we help our customers deal with on a regular basis.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

It’s always good to call for a repair when a refrigerator is not cooling like it should. It could indicate a problem with the power supply or the thermostat, clogged vents, or dirty condenser coils. It could also result from a broken condenser or evaporator fan. Refrigerators can also get too cold, causing food to freeze. This problem may result from a faulty thermostat or it could be related to the electrical control board.


Sometimes the problem lies with the freezer or ice-maker. The most common freezer problem is a buildup of frost inside the freezer. This is most often caused by a broken door seal. Modern refrigerators that include an ice-maker may stop making ice. This problem could be caused by a rupture in the supply line or an inlet valve that won’t open.

Oven and Stovetop Repair

Many things can go wrong with an oven or stovetop. If a stove burner is over-heating or heating erratically, it may need a new selector switch. When an oven fails to heat properly, the problem is likely a faulty temperature sensor. When an oven isn’t heating, chances are the heating elements need to be replaced. Other common oven issues include sticky doors and self-cleaning cycles that fail to run. These problems can typically be fixed by replacing bad parts.

Dishwasher Repair

One of the most common dishwasher-related complaints is finding dirty dishes after a wash cycle is complete. This is frequently due to a blocked spraying arm or a malfunctioning pump assembly. In some cases, it can be fixed by replacing the heating element. Another common concern is a dishwasher that doesn’t drain properly, which can be due to a blocked drain line or a malfunctioning drain solenoid. Leaking water, another frequent problem, is most often the result of a worn-out door gasket.

Washing Machine Repair

Washing machine repairs are often triggered by noises and excess water. Sometimes a washing machine will start vibrating excessively and make a loud banging noise. This can happen if the washer isn’t level, and in a front-loading machine, it can result from damaged shock absorbers. Another frequent issue is water that leaks out or doesn’t completely drain. Water-related problems can be caused by a malfunctioning pump, worn-out belts, and loose or leaking hoses.

Dryer Repair

There are several signs that a dryer may need to be repair. The most obvious is that it doesn’t work. This issue could be related to the power supply, the thermostat, or the start switch. Sometimes the dryer turns on, but it doesn’t spin. This is most often due to a broken belt or a bad motor. Another common dryer problem is poor temperature control. The dryer may get too hot, or it may not produce enough heat. Both issues may require replacing the heating coils or the thermostat.

Benefits of Appliance Repair for Mobile Customers

  1. Repairs save money. When major appliances break down, owners can either replace them or try to work around the problem. Replacing an appliance requires spending a lot of money, not just buying the appliance but having it delivered and installed and taking the old one away. When an appliance is near the end of its life, this may be the only practical option, but when an appliance is only a few years old, it makes more sense to repair it.


  1. Repairs make a home safer. Besides being an inconvenience, a non-functioning or poorly functioning appliance can be a safety hazard. Clogged vents, pipes or filters can cause a machine to overheat and potentially catch fire. A gas stove could start to leak and fill the house with deadly gas. Repairing appliances can help home owners avoid major health and safety risks.


  1. Repairs improve energy efficiency. As appliances age, they are often less-efficient. Simple repairs and maintenance, like cleaning out a dryer vent, can lead to more energy-efficient performance and savings on monthly power bills.

Deciding Whether a Repair Is Worthwhile

When residents of Mobile are considering appliance repair, they should ask themselves the following two questions:

  1. Is the cost reasonable? Sometimes it may be difficult to get a necessary part, and the cost of repairing an appliance may be almost as much as the cost of buying a new one. In this case, it may make more sense to buy a new appliance instead of getting the old one repaired.


  1. Is the appliance too old to repair? In general, it is recommended to repair appliances that still have at least 50 percent of their lifespan remaining. However, it’s important to remember that appliances age according to their use, and what the manufacturer considers a machine’s lifespan is usually based on average use. A single person who only does one or two loads of laundry per week, for example, will get more years from a washing machine and dryer than a family of five.


If the broken appliance can be affordably repaired and still has a reasonable number of years left, getting a repair is cost-effective.

Get Help from Coast Appliance Repair

Coast Appliance Repair is proud to serve customers in Mobile, Alabama, with expert service and repairs for small and large home appliances. Our expert technicians can help you decide if a repair is the right choice.  We can also help you learn more about simple maintenance and best practices that you can do on your own to solve common problems and extend the life of your appliance.


To learn more about how we can help you, give us a call today and one of our technicians will be happy to diagnose your problem and provide a free quote.