Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters provide a constant supply of hot water to the faucets and appliances in a home, and though they are designed to provide years of worry-free use, failing to regularly maintain them may shorten their lifespan and make them inefficient over time.

Tap water in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area is often full of metal impurities, and while it is safe for human consumption, it wreaks havoc on the internal components of a water heating system. These impurities will collect on the heat exchanger as the system is used and create a scale-like substance that slowly reduces the heat transfer process and constricts the flow of water if left unchecked.

At Coast Appliance Repair, we know the importance of keeping a water heater in tip-top shape, and our flushing and descaling service will ensure that a tankless water heater runs reliably now and for years to come. It is not only a simple process but an affordable way to keep a water heater operational and efficient.

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the benefits of a tankless system is that it only heats water when it is in use, leading to less buildup of scale on the heating elements. Scale buildup causes the system to run less efficiently and requires additional power to heat the water.

Reduced Maintenance Expense

Modern water heaters have hundreds of components that work to provide a steady stream of hot water. If any component malfunctions, it may cause the entire system to stop operating. Not only does this leave a household without the hot water they need to carry out daily tasks, but it will inevitably lead to an expensive repair bill. Flushing a tankless system will eliminate the most common causes of water heater failures and prevent the need for costly repair appointments in the future.

Cleaning and Descaling Frequency

At Coast Appliance Repair, we recommend flushing and descaling a tankless water heater a minimum of once per year. Consumers who use a well as their primary water source may benefit from more frequent cleanings, depending on the quality of the water and whether a whole home filtration system is in place. Don’t let something as simple as skipping a routine water heater cleaning leave a family without the hot water they need.

Cleaning Process

Though the process of cleaning a tankless water heater may seem overwhelming to most homeowners, the technicians at Coast Appliance Repair have the knowledge and tools to easily tackle this common maintenance. After disconnecting the power supply, the technician will then turn off the cold water inlet and the main hot water valve to stop the flow of water. Next, they will attach a hose to the cold water isolation valve and connect the other end to a submersible recirculating pump. Another tube connects to the hot water isolation valve.  The technician will then place the hot water isolation hose and the pump into a bucket and fill it with white vinegar. The pump is then activated and will start the flow of water through the system. The water circulates for a minimum of 45 minutes for maximum results.

Improper flushing techniques may cause the unit to become damaged and void any factory warranties. Trust us to clean out your instant water heater and rest assured that it will operate at peak performance.

Performance Indicators

A homeowner may notice a variety of signs and symptoms that indicate the need for water heater maintenance. Before assuming the worst and approving any repairs, it is a good idea to flush the system. The most common issues to arise are:

  • Cloudy water when running only the hot spigot
  • Unpredictable temperature fluctuations
  • Cooler than average hot water
  • Pressure loss when running multiple faucets

Though some of these signs may indicate a significant underlying problem, they typically occur because of sediment buildup on the heating elements. Coast Appliance Repair will thoroughly examine a water heater and determine if a serious issue exists, or if flushing the system will take care of the problem. Not only will early intervention prevent a hot water failure, but it will save a lot of money when compared to the cost of major repairs.

Maintain Flow Rate Efficiency

Traditional water heaters that rely on a large tank to store standing hot water at the ready are rated based on the maximum number of gallons they can hold. Instant water heaters are rated based on the amount of water the unit can heat per minute. The more faucets a home has, the higher the rating it will require to provide uninterrupted use. If the heat exchanger inside the water heater becomes covered in scale and other contaminants, it will cause the unit to produce a lower flow rate. Over time, efficiency may be drastically reduced, and it may be impossible for the heater to provide hot water to more than one faucet at a time. Regularly cleaning the unit will eliminate this frustration and ensure everyone in a home has access to hot water when they need it.

One of the biggest blunders a homeowner can make is failing to take regular water heater maintenance seriously. Overlooking this aspect of home maintenance will inevitably cause a water heater to stop working and may lead to hundreds of dollars in avoidable expensive repairs. Contact Coast Appliance Repair today to learn more about the benefits of regularly cleaning an instant water heater, and schedule a maintenance appointment without delay.