Microwave Repair

Exploring Microwave Oven Repairs

Modern appliances are designed to provide years of relatively trouble-free service during normal use, but problems still occur from time to time. Microwave ovens are no exception. As a rule, they will function properly for a long time but, if problems develop, it’s a good idea to contact an expert for help.

Avoid Hazards

Because microwave ovens use electricity, there is always a potential for electrical shocks. If there is any indication an electrical issue may be present, industry experts suggest owners disconnect the microwave oven until it can be examined by an technician.

A couple of common issue with microwave ovens of all types are defective door seals and latches. If a door doesn’t close properly, stop using the appliance until an expert can repair the door seal or latch.

Is It Practical to Repair a Microwave Oven?

While repairing some entry-level microwaves may not be financially practical, microwave ovens today can easily cost several hundred dollars. That suggests at least having an issue diagnosed by a repair expert will certainly make sense. That’s especially true with option-rich ovens so commonly installed over ranges. If you’ve got questions about the viability of repairs for a specific type of microwave oven, contact our experts for advice before simply discarding a perfectly good unit.

Identifying Issues

Before any repairs are recommended, our trained technicians will evaluate your microwave oven to determine the exact cause of the problems being experienced. Some of the problems commonly seen include:

  • The microwave isn’t heating. There are several things that can cause your microwave to simply not work. Most modern microwave ovens have multiple door switches and, if any of those are inoperable, the oven will not function. There are also electronic components including a diode and magnetron that also must function correctly for the microwave to operate.
  • The oven shuts off before the food is hot. In many cases, this problem is caused by an issue with a control board. However, that’s not always true, so our technician will check other, less-costly items before simply suggesting a major component be replaced.
  • Sparks or arcing are seen. Since those symptoms are certainly not normal, don’t attempt to use a microwave oven when sparks or arcing are present. The solution may be as simple as replacing a waveguide cover, but that’s not always the case. Our technician will determine the cause and suggest the appropriate solution for your microwave oven repair.
  • The microwave turntable does not turn. There are three common reasons the turntable won’t rotate. The first is that the motor is burned out and appliance repair Gulfport will be needed. Second, the drive coupling could be broken. The final reason would be a damaged glass tray support. Any of those issues is worth dealing with rather than replacing the appliance.
  • No display is visible. When the display is not visible, the display board or the main control board are the likely culprits. These components are readily available for most models.
  • The oven is very noisy. Every microwave oven generates some level of noise while in use. However, when that noise level increases, something is amiss and should be dealt with. Microwave repair services will focus on the fan motor, the stirrer, or the magnetron as possible sources of noise. While replacing the fan motor or stirrer are relatively simple repairs, replacing the magnetron should only be attempted by an expert because of the high voltage involved.

Because newer microwave ovens are increasingly complex, it’s generally a good idea to have any issue handled by one of our microwave oven experts rather than trying to handle any repairs yourself. Without access to the appropriate parts or necessary tools, you may put yourself at risk of injury by trying to repair a microwave yourself.

The Times are Changing!

The Internet of Things is real and coming to your home. Modern appliances, including microwave ovens, are now being designed to work cooperatively with other appliances and be readily accessible by homeowners’ smartphones and other devices. That means your microwave will function with your range to start cooking dinner while you’re on the way home from work.

Of course, that type of automation means appliances are also becoming more complex, which means proper repair services will be even more important in the future. It also means the initial costs of new appliances will continue to go up as you adopt the newest technologies. We’ll be here to help with integrating those appliances and dealing with any repair or service issues that arise.

Scheduling Service Will Always Be Easy

We understand our clients lead busy lives, and we’re always going to do whatever is necessary to accommodate scheduling needs. If your microwave oven or other appliances need repairs or servicing, let us know what’s most convenient for you and we’ll do what we can to meet your needs.

Routine Maintenance Prevents Expensive Problems

In most cases, simple maintenance will reduce the likelihood of major problems developing. While microwaves don’t need as much service as, for example, a washer, why not have all your appliances checked out to avoid the chances of developing major issues later?

When Is It Necessary to Replace a Microwave Oven Rather than Repair It?

Repairs are generally recommended when the total cost involved makes economic sense. However, when the cost of a repair will exceed the value of the microwave, the technician will certainly not recommend repairs.

Remember that replacing most appliances, including a microwave, generally involves more than the actual cost of the appliance. Delivery and setup charges generally apply. That means even a more expensive repair to a microwave installed over a range can make more sense than ordering a new unit.

If your microwave oven is experiencing any type of issue, it’s important to deal with the problem quickly. The safety of your family is far more important than the cost of a service call. For more information or to schedule a service call, contact one of our service experts today.