Today’s families in Biloxi have become accustomed to the many conveniences offered by modern life, including a vast number of appliances designed to make everything from cooking food to cleaning laundry and dishes much easier. With over 30% of households in Biloxi catering to children under the age of 18, families in the area are always looking for ways to free up time so that they can spend more time enjoying the city’s many museums and attractions with their kids, or even a simple walk along the beaches. Unfortunately, while dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and other major appliances are designed to offer families just that convenience, there will eventually come a time that they will require repairs. 


If you want your appliances to last a lifetime, you’ll need to both provide them with adequate maintenance and keep an eye out for warning signs that it’s time to call in a professional for repairs. We tend to see a few of the same problems coming up over and over in the Biloxi area, which places us in an ideal position to offer assistance and make professional recommendations regarding appliance repair and maintenance. A few of the most common of these problems are described below. 


Common Problems with Washing Machines in Biloxi

One of the most common issues we see with washing machines is a failure to turn on. There are a variety of underlying issues that may be to blame, including problems with these machines’ electrical supplies, issues with overheating motors, broken lid switches, and misaligned timer knobs. These problems vary in severity, but all of them can be solved with the help of a dedicated repair technician. 


Machines that turn on but fail to function properly due to drainage problems, issues with their spin cycles, leaking water, or excessive motion all require washing machine repair if they are to continue to function as intended as well. More often than not, one of the component parts has malfunctioned and will require replacement. In some cases, failure to follow manufacturer recommendations regarding detergent levels and weight distribution of clothes can be to blame, so you should review your appliance manufacturer’s recommendations prior to calling a repair technician. 


We can help you repair both the common washing machine issues described above and provide necessary maintenance to ensure that your washing machine will not continue to break down. We repair all major brands, including Kenmore, Maytag, Whirlpool, and a large variety of other popular washing machines. 


Common Problems with Dryers in Biloxi

Some of the most common problems we see with clothes dryers include failure to adequately dry clothes and failure to turn on. These can be extremely frustrating, leaving our customers with loads of wet laundry to worry about, and unfortunately, there can be a variety of underlying causes that are to blame. If a dryer runs but fails to heat up adequately, the machine may be suffering from clogged lint screens, a faulty thermal fuse, a broken heating element, or, in the case of gas dryers, a damaged safety coil. 


Dryers that fail to turn on completely may also be having trouble with their thermal fuses; however, faulty door switches, which are much easier to fix, can also cause this problem. Those that turn on and provide adequate heat but fail to tumble can leave some clothes damp upon removal or even wind up burning them. If you’re noticing that your dryer is not tumbling your family’s clothes, there may be an issue with the dryer belt, a switch, or the dryer’s motor.  

No matter which of these underlying issues is to blame, it’s best to turn the machine off and wait until it has been evaluated by a professional to resume use. 


Common Problems with Refrigerators in Biloxi

Refrigerators are an absolute necessity for modern households, allowing families to keep their food fresh and often providing them with ice and water. When refrigerators fail to maintain adequately cool temperatures or begin to leak, they can leave families overwhelmed with spoiled food. If your fridge is beginning to show signs of trouble, it’s best to look into refrigerator repair as soon as possible so that you can avoid food spoilage and the dangerous health hazards that come along with it. 


One of the most common problems we see with refrigerators is a failure to maintain sufficiently cold temperatures. This may be caused by a simple issue such as a malfunctioning defrost thermostat or poorly-maintained condenser coils; however, there may also be something more serious to blame. If the refrigerator fails to function entirely, it’s more likely that one of its electrical components has been damaged. 


Modern refrigerators do more than just keep food cold; most of them also feature water and ice dispensers. These require frequent maintenance such as filter changes and cleaning, which, unfortunately, most homeowners simply don’t provide. Regardless of what’s wrong, we can help you determine the underlying source of your refrigerator problems and suggest repairs that will get it back into working order. 


Common Problems with Dishwashers in Biloxi

Dishwashers are considered a necessity in most modern households, where washing dishes by hand would be impractical and time-consuming. Even high-quality, name brand dishwashers require periodic maintenance, though, and failing to provide this maintenance can lead to serious trouble down the road. Some of the most common of these problems include cycles that run too long, dishes that come out dirty despite finishing their wash cycles, and water leaks. 


Some of these problems are actually caused by those responsible for loading the dishwasher, rather than the machines themselves. For instance, failure to use the right dish detergent can lead to inadequate cleaning as can over-crowding the machine with glasses and dishes, which causes detergent dispensers to malfunction. However, the majority of dishwasher problems will eventually require repairs. 


If there is water pooling at the base of the appliance, these repairs should be undertaken immediately. It’s possible that they are being caused by clogged filters or debris caught in the air gap between the dishwasher and any surrounding fixtures or appliances; however, leaks can also be caused by malfunctioning sensors or damaged components. One of our repair technicians will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and suggest an effective solution before the leak causes more extensive water damage. 


Get Help Now 

Whether you recognize the problem you’re having in the brief list above or you’re experiencing a more complex issue with one of your home’s major appliances, you’ll need the help of a dedicated repair technician if you want to restore your machines to their former usefulness.  


With the hottest months of the year on their way, it’s best to take care of these issues now so that you can spend your summer relaxing on the beach, visiting the area’s many fine restaurants and casinos, and spending time with your children through their summer vacations.  


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