Dryer Duct Covers


Here are a couple reasons why you should have a secured dryer duct cover installed on the exterior of your home.

Prevents animals from entering your dryer duct

Squirrels, mice, and racoons are all looking for a warm place to hide during the winter months. Having a duct cover installed is a great preventative measure to insure you do not have any unwanted visitors inside your duct work. If you do not have one installed currently, make sure you turn your dryer on high heat before installing. This should help persuade any animal currently in your duct to leave.This will prevent any animal from being trapped inside the duct with no escape.

Prevents humidity inside the dryer

Have you ever opened your dryer and it was full of water in the summer months? If you do not have a duct cover the hot outside air is being sucked in through your dryer duct when your air conditioner is on. The hot air comes in contact with the cool metal inside the dryer and condenses, which causes water to build up in the bottom. Over time this will cause mold to grow inside your dryer. Also, it can cause the electronic parts on the unit to fail .

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